Today in the city Oro Valley 20.11.2017

Radio Replay: Prisons of Our Own Making

Discussions about healthy living usually revolve around diet and exercise. Social interaction is often left out of the conversation, even though research shows that it's critical to our well-being.

Joy Villa mulls a run for Congress: What to know about the pro-Trump singer

Move over, Kid Rock: Pro-Donald Trump singer and performer Joy Villa may be entering the world of politics.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: Does Our Future Depend On More Dialogue?

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says we glorify the individual at the expense of the group. Sacks believes our future depends on returning to our communities — and the key to getting there is dialogue.

Scientists Spot First Alien Space Rock In Our Solar System

Astronomers are eager to learn more about the visitor as it zooms through, like how far-off planets form: "You'd love to see if it looks like stuff in our solar system."

‘Ten Days in the Valley’ Moves From Sundays to Saturdays on ABC

“Ten Days in the Valley” is moving to Saturday nights on ABC, Variety has confirmed. Kyra Sedgwick, who stars in the freshman series, tweeted the news on Thursday, writing, “The good...

Silicon Valley Has Been The Best Place To Get Rich Over The Past Decade

The torch was passed to Silicon Valley over the past decade, as the best spot to create--that’s where the biggest proportion of the wealthiest 50 have built their wealth.

Billboard Touts New York As Refuge From Silicon Valley Tech Culture

A billboard in the heart of Silicon Valley declaims the evils of the region and touts the virtues of New York.

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